Make it Rain! 3am-10am Leonie Mc Clure MY KIND OF COUNTRY

Let’s make it rain all over Australia Let’s make it rain all over Australia (2 More sleeps) Please tag your friends all over the Country we will do what it takes to get the Rain music to your ears, Leonie

Ever dreamed of being a Presenter? Join our Radio Training Course!

Have you ever listened to the radio and thought “Hey I think I could do that”? Do your friends think you never stop talking about your passions? Do you love listening to 2RRR and want to become more involved in

2RRR Music Coordinator Applications Open

The organisation: 2RRR (Ryde Regional Radio) is a volunteer powered community radio station in Henley, near Gladesville. Our number one priority is fulfilling the needs of the community that we are licensed to serve, and therefore, 2RRR’s programming is as diverse as

Feature Albums

Bailey Black – Crazy LP

Our feature album this week is from Australian singer-songwriter Bailey Black with her debut-album Crazy.  Bailey Black is a 17 year-old musician from Brisbane, who over the past three years has been carefully piecing together her beautiful 9-track release; Crazy.  The

Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs

Our feature album this week is from Perth musician Stella Donnelly with her highly anticipated debut-album Beware of the Dogs. Stella first emerged into the public’s eye with the release of her two singles Mechanical Bull and Boys Will Be Boys in 2017. Generating widespread

Seattic – Retrospeculation

Our feature album this week is from Melbourne electronic artist Seattic with his debut-record Retrospeculation.  Seattic is the solo-project of Adrian Osman, the former lead guitarist of Brisbane rock outfit Tourism. Taking a departure from his traditionally rock roots, under the

Featured Programs

Live Cross to the US on Planet Football

The Lone Ranger interviews Andrew Howe, the official FFA statistician, and live cross to the US after 11.30 am.

Khristian Mizzi on Retropopic Radio

In this edition Neil Saint talks to Melbourne based singer-songwriter Khristian Mizzi, alongside great music! Neil asks, “Where did Khristian’s inspiration to be a singer-songwriter come from? Which singer-songwriters were inspirations to Khristian? How was a good talking to from

BaBy Love on Midday Jazz

Rob says, “As the night lights illuminate our city, let there be love! I’ll be your baby tonight and, at midnight, we can watch the full moon rise together.” It may not be possible so in that case , the