Album Review: 100 gecs – 1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues

100 gecs are confirmed the future of music. This new remix album only solidifies that. Some of the reworked material here, particularly that which has been done by Dylan Brady and Laura Les themselves, are actually better than their originals. That is especially the case for the brilliant ‘gec 2 Ü’ with Dorian Electra which is undeniably one of the most enjoyable and hilarious songs I’ve heard all year.

Despite the fact that the majority of the remixes on this album didn’t click with me personally, the one’s that did click really clicked with me.

Favourite Tracks:
ringtone (Remix), hand crushed by a mallet (Remix), stupid horse (Remix), gec 2 Ü (Remix), toothless, and ringtone (umru Remix) | Score: 4.0/5

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