Album Review: Blu & Exile – Miles

I have mixed feelings overall about ‘Miles’. The album features some absolutely excellent tracks with great flows and killer production. However, it also drags a lot in its hour and a half runtime. For every song that’s really good, there’s two or three songs that aren’t great.

The reason a lot of the tracks fell short for me was because of their choruses. I found many of the choruses featured on ‘Miles’ to have underwhelming vocal performances and in many instances, quite repetitive lyrics. This was especially the case for the thirteenth track ‘African Dream’ which had some great bars and production from Blu and Exile, but ultimately had a really boring and annoying chorus. Despite all this, there is still a lot to takeaway from this record and thankfully the good tracks are really good.

Favourite Tracks: Troubled Water, Miles Away, You Ain’t Never Been Blue, Blue, Blue As I Can Be, and Requiem Of Blue | Score: 3.5/5


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