Album Review: Disclosure – Energy

Disclosure’s third album ‘Energy’ has been hot on my radar ever since it was announced at the start of the year. The record follows two fantastic EP’s that were released by Guy and Howard over the last couple years. These EP’s pushed a new type of sound for Disclosure, one which payed tribute to duo’s joint love and appreciation for funk and soul music. This was best heard in 2018’s ‘Moonlight’ EP, which featured some excellent sample based production. Then moving forward, 2020 saw the release of the ‘Ecstasy’ EP which yet again featured some brilliant tracks with killer grooves and an excellent funk energy.

Noting this, I was hugely optimistic about ‘Energy’ and now hearing it I can say that it did a solid job at meeting my expectations. As an album, I’d say Disclosure maybe was hoping for this ‘Energy’ to generate more of a widespread appeal than their previous two EP’s. That idea is fairly evident when looking at the large amount of vocal collaborations featured throughout the record. Some are really good and others are quite forgettable and bland. Arguably their best collaborative effort can be found on the third track ‘My High’ which features awesome vocal work from slowthai and Amine.

There are a couple of instrumentals on the record which work nicely in showcasing the true production prowess of the duo. In particular, ‘Thinking ‘Bout You’ serves as a fantastic interlude into the album’s tenth track ‘Birthday’. The interlude does nothing super notable, however it is a really smooth track that sounds actually better than the track it is transitioning into.

Overall, however, ‘Energy’ is a great listen. It has a consistent momentum  to it and features many stand out songs that allow you to forget the few underwhelming tracks on the album. I do wish they experimented a bit more and offered some more instrumental based songs. But still,
‘Energy’ is worth checking out.

Favourite Tracks: Watch Your Step, Lavender, My High, ENERGY, Thinking ‘Bout You (Interlude), and Birthday | Score: 4.0/5