Traffic, The Band and Retropopic

THE MUSICAL JOURNEY OF TRAFFIC’S CHRIS WOOD – PART 2: LATER DAYS & COLLABORATIONS. Neil Saint continues the exclusive interview with biographer Dan Ropek. What role did he play in the genesis of key Traffic songs ‘Dear Mr Fantasy’ & ‘John

Jazz But French Style on Midday Jazz

Neil Macbeth will have a Gallic emphasis with tracks from some of the American greats who recorded with French groups and some more recent French bands playing in the traditional style” So get out your striped sweater, beret, and croissant

Traffic on Retropopic with Neil Saint

THE MUSICAL JOURNEY OF TRAFFIC’S CHRIS WOOD – PART 1 – THE EARLY DAYS  Exclusive interview content with Chris Wood biographer Dan Ropek from which you’ll uncover just why his saxophone, flute and personality were so integral to the band

Sweet Pea and Onions on Real World Gardener

Do sweet peas go with onions? Definitely not but  on today’s show we’re just nuts about onions and sweet peas but not in the same breath. Marianne is also going gardening in tight spaces in Backyard Biodynamics with Margaret. Growing Onions

Top Choirs on Voices in Harmony

TWhat do Tina Turner, Leonard Bernstein, Sugar Ray Leonard, Franklin D. Roosevelt & Barbra Streisand have in common?  They sang in a choir!  And today, choirs have never been more popular.  We feature the world’s top choirs mixed with all

Trumpets on Midday Jazz

Neil will include items from trumpet players Ruby Braff and Alex Welsh , the 1935 Benny Goodman band and some vocalists with Duke Ellington from the 1940’s and 50’s. Jack Teagarden was once asked about him on the Gary Moore