Feature Album: Totally Mild – ‘Her’

It will be well worth listening out for our feature album this week to hear Melbourne band Totally Mild‘s new album ‘Her’. Frontwoman Elizabeth Mitchell describes the album as “a record of failure and victory, new desire, stale romance, queer domesticity and what comes when

Tiny Little Houses – ‘Idiot Proverbs’

This week’s feature album comes from Melbourne band Tiny Little Houses with their new album ‘Idiot Proverbs’. Tiny Little Houses frontman Caleb Karvountzis has come a long way from writing indie pop songs to upload to Soundcloud. Now, Karvountzis is living

Montero – ‘Performer’

This week’s feature album ‘Performer’ comes to us from Montero. This eclectic, psychedelic rock album is the brainchild of Melbourne visual artist and musician Ben Montero. Look up his art (as seen above) as well as his music! You can

Sure Sure – ‘Sure Sure’

This week’s feature album comes from Los Angeles based band Sure Sure. Their self-titled debut is full of indie rock earworms, as well as a few genre-defying, exploratory tracks. The funk inspired Hands Up Head Down stands out as one of