Australian Pop Legends on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint talks with Australian pop music legends Lonnie Lee, Brian Cadd, Mark Gable and Russell Morris on the earliest days of Australian pop music. What were the music listening habits of Australian young people in the 50’s? Why were

Girl Talk on Midday Jazz

Rob says “Dear Tammy, it’s really just girl talk, you know. The things we did last summer in Macarthur Park will remain our secret. I’m sure Paul Desmond, Ella Fitzgerald, Artie Shaw and Ernestine Anderson would never tell on us.”

Richard Hayes on There Goes That Song Again

Richard Hayes was an American singer who had several hit recordings in the United States between 1948 and 1953. But for most of that period, his record company, Mercury, did not have representation here in Australia, so we didn’t get to hear much

Voices in Harmony

With new co-host Christine onboard, we’re adding yet another perspective to the VIH team. Photos later, but as always, we’ll stick to our strengths ie stunning choral music from local & international choirs, plus a broad mix of popular artists

2018 in Review on Sonic Stew

As 2018 was such a fabulous year for new music it certainly warrants a review of some of the highlights. So this week’s Sonic Stew will serve up a feast of rock & roll goodness from artists who have bestowed musical delights

Love Special on the Midnight Special

Coming up on The Midnight Special, just after Valentine’s Day will be another Love Special. The Rockman will be playing all songs with Love in the title. READ MORE ABOUT MIDNIGHT SPECIAL

Valentine’s Day on Midday Jazz

Did Rob forget about Valentine’s Day? Maybe he did because he’s just rambling on about blue skies over Australia. Rob reckons that means the Knob-Tailed Gecko will be so happy. Perhaps Laura Fygi, Errol Buddle, Peggy Lee and Tommy Dorsey