Figs on Real World Gardener

Marianne is still on air and will be talking with Consulting Arborist, Glenice Buck, about how to assess trees for failure. We’re growing Florence Fennel and edible figs. Plus Plant Doctor and Marianne will be helping you with all the

Why Trees Fall on Real World Gardener

Join Marianne talking with Glenice Buck, Consulting Arborist about “Why trees fall” in design elements; find out how to grow your own celery in vegetable heroes, then we move onto one of the big plant families in plant of the

Spring Flowers on Real World Gardener

Join Marianne with a foray into what planning you should be doing to achieve a sensational floral display in spring. It’s not all hard work. You’ll also be wanting to grow a cauliflower or two in the veggie patch, and

Plum Pines on Real World Gardener

Marianne starts the show with part 2 of the interview with the president of the Frangipani Society of Australia. There’s information on why your frangipani won’t flower. We’re growing brussel sprouts in the veggie patch and plum pines (pictured.) in

Suzi Q on Retropopic Radio

Neil has an exclusive interview with Liam Firmager, director of Suzi Quatro documentary ‘Suzi Q’. Neil will ask, “How easy was it to get the funding to make the film? Why did Liam take on the project? What background did

Grant Green on Midday Jazz

Rob brings in a bit of drama to shake up the Thursday Jazz scene. His cryptic clues start with “As I cover the waterfront, how I wish I were in love again! Losing you to that creep at the Copacabana

Red Flowers on Real World Gardener

Marianne talks with Anthony Grassi, President of the Frangipani society of Australia, about the frangipani festival this weekend. There’s so much to know about them. Plus we’re growing endive in the veggie bed;  Marianne also talks with Wayne Van Balen,

Pop Divas of the 60’s on Pop Rock

This week Robbie will be honouring the glorious pop divas of the 1960s. So many great female artists emerged in the 60s – Dusty, Sandie, Lulu, Barbra, Aretha, Cilla, Nancy, Twinkle, Darlene, Tina and Petula to name just a few.

Albert Lee’s Early Days on Retropopic Radio

Great music alongside guitarist Albert Lee talking candidly about his earliest influences, his experience of playing with The Everly Brothers, Joe Cocker & Bill Wyman. Neil Saint asks “What are his earliest memories of listening to music? How did he co-write ‘Country