Unforgettable Music on Midday Jazz

Rob is in a swoon. He says, “Marie, you’re unforgettable. Someday, sweetheart, a summer breeze will whisk us away to the Neverland.” Let’s get music from Ingrid James, Herbie Nichols, Rosemary Clooney and Stan Kenton to keep us company. Who

The Telescopes on Retropopic Radio

Neil will play excerpts of Retropopic Radio’s interview from 2018 with Stephen Lawrie, this time alongside some great music from The Telescopes: ‘Flying’, ‘Kick The Wall’, ‘The Perfect Needle’, ‘Everso’, ‘Tesla Death Ray’, ‘Where It Comes From, Where it Goes’,

More Orchestras on There Goes That Song Again

In a recent Special, we featured hits by studio orchestras in the early 1950s, mostly American.  This week we’ll play more, but we’ll also hear English, German and Australian orchestras. READ MORE ABOUT THERE GOES THAT SONG AGAIN

The Dylan Covers Redux on Pop Rock

Robbie is into Bob Dylan, but did you know that His Bobness – began his recording career back in 1962. Since then he has written thousands of songs and recorded hundreds of records, furthermore, he is on a never-ending world

John Lennon’s Early Days on Retropopic Radio

Neil has yet another exclusive interview with John Lennon’s school mate Michael Hill & author of ‘John Lennon: The Boy Who Became A Legend’, alongside classic Beatles, Lennon, Johnny Ray & Little Richard tracks. What was Michael’s relationship with John?

Catch The A Train on Midday Jazz

Rob Scot says “At a Georgia camp meeting, the Sheik of Araby left early to catch the A train overnight to the 42nd Street Station. I wonder if Janet Seidel, Houston Person, Carolyn Daly or Dave Brubeck have ever caught