Kevin Godley on Retropopic Radio

The final broadcast in a 3 part series which sonically outlines the story of a musical groundbreaker who travelled from masterpieces in 10cc to video making in the age of MTV to audio Tarantino style soap operas and intriguing collaborations

James Morrison on Midday Jazz

Rob listened in to a conversation and this is what he heard: He:   ‘Lil’ Darlin’, ask the man to play the blues.’ Her:  ‘Sorry, I want the waiter with the water. Our little rendezvous can wait.’ If only James Morrison

Black Wattle on Real World Gardener

Join Marianne as she talks with herb and spice guru, Ian Hemphill about the similarities and differences between allspice and cloves. How to grow all manner of beans in Vegetable Heroes, then the new series on “so you think you

Graeme Brown, Author on Pop Rock

Join Robbie as he chats to Australian author Graeme Brown about his latest book Sunshine Secrets. Graeme Brown has documented the story of Ivan Dayman the remarkable entrepreneur and promoter who dominated the rock ’n’ roll scene across Australia during the 1960s and

10CC and Kevin Godley on Retropopic Radio

Tonight is the 2nd Kevin Godley broadcast from musician Kevin Godley’s conversation with your host Neil Saint .How was ‘Rubber Bullets’ written? What did Kevin Godley think of the bossa nova version of what turned out to be a pop classic which Eric Stewart brought


Rob says,“Night and day I remember you dancing soft and mellow. All through the night, the Railway Hotel kept its Christmas lights on just for us. I’m sure Sarah McKenzie, Francis Lai, Ali Ryerson and Lou Rawles would enjoy such atmosphere too.” You

Kevin Godley of 10CC on Retropopic Radio

 Alongside great music in this edition there are excerpts from an exclusive interview between  Neil Saint and musical impresario Kevin Godley. Why did Kevin change from playing the bass to the drums? Which American guitarist was an inspiration? What are

Miles Davis on Midday Jazz

After hours in Santa Morena’s Rose Room, Salvador plays the blues soft and mellow. Rob likes blues soft and mellow but is certain Miles Davis, Shirley Horn, Mel Torme and Julie O’Hara would feel right at home there too. So