Pop Divas of the 60’s on Pop Rock

This week Robbie will be honouring the glorious pop divas of the 1960s. So many great female artists emerged in the 60s – Dusty, Sandie, Lulu, Barbra, Aretha, Cilla, Nancy, Twinkle, Darlene, Tina and Petula to name just a few.

Albert Lee’s Early Days on Retropopic Radio

Great music alongside guitarist Albert Lee talking candidly about his earliest influences, his experience of playing with The Everly Brothers, Joe Cocker & Bill Wyman. Neil Saint asks “What are his earliest memories of listening to music? How did he co-write ‘Country

Lola on Midday Jazz

Rob is thinking of Valentine’s Day perhaps when he says”Until the real thing comes along, speak low as the moonglow lulls us both into dreamsville. Oh, if only Lola Albright (pictured), Sonny Rowlins, Nina Simone or Len Barnard could have added some atmosphere here!” Rob

Firewheels on Real World Gardener

Let it rain, but what can you grow in the garden? Try spring onions, or one of Marianne’s favourite trees, the Firewheel tree. Plus you’ll find out what’s new in garden rakes. Not to be missed.  

Steve Wilson on Retropopic Radio

Alongside a wide variety of music, some of which produced by Steven, some of which that resonates with him, this podcast concentrates on the exclusive interview between host Neil Saint and musician Steven Wilson. Neil asks “What was behind the

Lionel Hampton on Midday Jazz

Ron says “Ah, lil’ darling, I’m beginning to see the light. It looks as if anything goes whilst we’re lounging at the Waldorf! ” I can only imagine what Lionel Hampton (pictured courtesy of Reg Davis/Getty Images), Amy Weatherup, Barney

Unusual Trees on Real World Gardener

Marianne talks with Margaret Mossakowska from Moss House about some unusual trees, and growing oregano is easy in vegetable heroes. Plus, did you know that not all palms are weedy? There are some beautiful slender palms out there and Jeremy

Cool Music of 2019 on Sonic Stew

On today’s show, part 2 of Rocco G’s roundup of some of 2019’s musical highlights. There was so much cool new music released last year – way too much for just one hour. So here’s a second helping of some

Glen Campling on Retropopic Radio

On today’s show Neil Saint will showcase an exclusive interview with musician Glenn Campling, alongside a wide variety of great music!  What music did Glenn love when he was younger? Where did he meet Daniel Ash? How much did he