Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – ‘Rot’

This week’s feature album comes from Sydney based band Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys with “Rot”

“It feels like driving your old car that you gave to your younger sibling; warm and nostalgic, with your very own butt groove still ingrained in the front seat.” Dave Ruby Howe.

“Rot” is a melancholy ode to pop-punk and childhood memories that somehow seem to stick, like your mum who used to say ‘what a load of rot’ instead of ‘what a load of shit’.
A follow up to their 2013 debut, the album is far from the ‘messy’ aesthetic the band portrays. The guitar lead songs are rhythmically tight and the riffs are on target, that being said the album is still recognisably raucous (in the best way possible). Over their wishy-washy distortion and wistful melodies, vocalist and bassist Nic Warnock sings about feelings and emotions and crying on shoulders. The album perfectly embodies the sentimentality of the human spirit, and the way we choose to wallow and deal with our hopes, regrets and emotions.

Highlight Tracks: Victoria, Plastic Tears.


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Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys have released a music video for their song ‘Victoria’. Check it out below!