Bonus Stage is Back!

Bonus Stage is back again! Somehow, we’re going to manage to tear ourselves away from Fallout 4 to give you another night of games, comedy and music… Or maybe we’ll just bring Fallout 4 with us and play that all night. We haven’t decided yet!

Bonus Stage is a live video game talk show, hosted by Carlo Ritchie (The Bear Pack) and Ben O’Brien (Big Head Mode). But every quest needs companions, so they won’t be alone, with a variety of special guests from the worlds of comedy and gaming.

There’ll be sketches, Cosplay, gaming, appearances from REAL video game characters & our resident musical masterminds, Benny Davis and the Triforce! (Axis of Awesome)

And of course, after the show is done, you can join us in the foyer for some video games, (a mix of classic favourites 7 local Indie titles), Cards Against Humanity & drinks while the game tunes keep playing.


Rae Johnston (Kotaku, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Wonder Woman)

Seaton Kay Smith (Paper Moose, The Roast)

Lucy O’Brien (Editor, IGN-Australia)



WHERE: Giant Dwarf Theatre, 199 Cleveland St

WHEN: 8pm (Doors open 7:30), Wednesday 25th November


Adult: $20

Concession: $15