Broods – ‘Don’t Feed the Pop Monster’

Our feature album this week is from New Zealand duo Broods with their third-studio record Don’t Feed the Pop Monster.

Following the release of their 2016 album Conscious, Georgia and Caleb Nott have returned to share their latest musical invention; Don’t Feed the Pop Monster. The album has this really cool 1970’s visual aesthetic. Full of warm colours and strange designs, the accompanying album visuals are super effective at communicating the vibe of the record.

Don’t Feed the Pop Monster arguably shines brightest in its production design. Each song features a different producer, and because of this, it allows for great track diversity. Opening with the Lorde styled pop-banger Sucker, the album instantly introduces the listener to its electro-pop sound. This is then followed by Why Do You Believe Me, a super vibey tune powered by a ultra punchy bass-line. As the album progresses songs soften, indie-rock styled tracks emerge and Broods continue to surprise the listener with track-after-track.

Featured Tracks: Sucker, Why Do You Believe Me?, Peach, Falling Apart, Dust and Life After.

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