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Dave Getz on Retropopic Radio

Alongside some great tracks Neil Saint talks with musician Dave Getz about the whole of his journey in music – from playing for money whilst aiming to become an artist, to his days in Big Brother up to solo releases in 2020. How does Dave describe his childhood in Brooklyn? Why did Dave have the nickname Bing at school? What circumstances lead to him getting paid as a drummer in his teenage years? What type of music did Dave start playing? Why did he become drawn to San Francisco? How did he get to live in Poland for a while in his student years? What are his memories of living in cold war Poland? How does he remember the early San Francisco rock scene? What brought Dave to meet Peter Albin of Big Brother & The Holding Company?
How did Dave get to join Big Brother in 1966? Who else did the group audition as well as Dave? What made Big Brother unique in the beginning? How did Janis Joplin learn from guitarist James Gurley’s approach? What did Janis Joplin bring to Big Brother? Why was Janis such a good fit for the group? What makes Big Brother & The Holding Company such a great group in spite of personnel changes over the years? Where does Dave’s inspiration come from with his two track releases in 2020?

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