The Dungarees on Retropopic
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The Dungarees Singer James Murdoch on Retropopic

The Dungarees on Retropopic

TONIGHT on Retropopic, Neil Saint will interview The Dungarees lead singer James Murdoch in volume 1 of ‘New Country’.

There are some great ‘new country’ groups out there, and Canadian group The Dungarees are no exception. In an exclusive interview with their lead singer James Murdoch you will learn how they were formed, why they chose the group name, what their influences from the past were and what each character of this group is like! Not forgetting you have a chance to hear their wonderful harmonies in some of their best loved songs. Listen to their influences of Dwight Yoakim and Rodney Crowell as well as hear them rocking out live with Clayton Bellamy.

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