Farewell to Travis Blundell from Monday Youth Jukebox

2RRR are sad to bid a fond farewell to Travis Blundell from Monday Youth Jukebox. Travis came to 2RRR as a classmate of our Tuesday Jukeboxers Ben and Jacob and has done an amazing job behind the microphone in his short but sweet time at 2RRR. Travis moves to Queensland to start a new school and join his brother Briar and their famous dad, country music musician James Blundell on the family farm. Briar joined Travis for his last show on 2RRR. Can you see the family resemblance?!

As we wave goodbye to Travis we wave hello to a fabulous new Monday Youth Jukebox trio. Tasnia, Scarlet and Caitlin from Riverside Girls High School kick off Monday Youth Jukebox in February.