Frank Ifield on There Goes That Song Again

Tune in to Brian Crabbe present THERE GOES THAT SONG AGAIN 2pm – 4pm This week at 3pm, we have Part 5 of our 6-part “Special” featuring Australian singer Frank Ifield, continuing in the 1960s. Frank tells us what it was

More Wreckage on Pop Rock

THE WRECKING CREW! Part Two 6-7pm-  Tune into POP ROCK with Robbie to hear Part Two of The Wrecking Crew! story. The musicians behind hundreds of hit records coming out of California in the 60s and 70s, including a record

Easy Street on Midday Jazz

Ever wanted to know what easy street really is? Here’s a clue, listen to Rob at midday because Rob is saying “Hello young lovers, why not take a stroll down Easy Street?  Then join a slow boat to China –

Viva Midday Jazz

2RRR last week gained some publicity and listeners in the United States! A relatively new band in the “smooth jazz” genre, called 510Jazz and based in the San Francisco Bay area, have recently issued their second CD, called “January 16”.

From Beeswax to Mega Plants on Real World Gardener

You’ve heard about the catastrophic amount of plastic in the ocean? Make a difference by finding out how to use beeswax and less plastic in the Good Earth with Margaret Mossakowska from How to save those seeds in Vegetable

Choirs in Voices in Harmony

Tune in at 6pm for a choral extravaganza. Why? Because Henry Longfellow said “The human voice is the organ of the soul.  Heard in chorus it can transform the soul.”  Voices in Harmony features local & international choirs – plus your favourite

Frank Ifield on There Goes That Song Again

Today at 3pm,  Brian continues with Part 4 of his 6-part “Special” featuring Australian singer Frank Ifield. Frank recently visited 2RRR to talk to Brian about his long and very successful career, and about other artists he’s worked with over

Bing Crosby on There Goes That Song Again

Coming up on There Goes that Song Again, Brian continues on from an earlier special in which he featured Bing Crosby’s versions of songs that were made popular in 1951 by other artists. We continue today with Bing’s versions of songs

On the Ball

One of 2RRR’s newest programs is “On the Ball”. Tuesdays 9am -10am, Jack, Jon and Div enthusiastically bring you national and international sports news. These guys know their sports! Tune in Tuesdays 9-10 am for all the latest.

Welcoming Two new Programs

  2RRR is proud to announce that we have two new programs. “Musafir” and “Enjoy Yourself Today”. On “Musafir” Muhammad brings you a magazine-style mix of poetry and music, spoken in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi, from 10pm to midnight every