All About Marvin Gaye on Retropopic Radio

Nick Tesco & The Saint discuss why they think ‘What’s Going On’ is such a great album. At the start of this edition you hear Marvin Gaye’s classic hits – ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’, ‘Sexual Healing’ & ‘Abraham,

Her Royal Highness on Midday Jazz

Could it be true? Rob Scott says “Your majesty, although the best things in life are free, that old devil moon will give rise to a foggy day tomorrow morning. I’m sure Captain Christopher Columbus will still sail on time. 

The Break-Up Song on Pop Rock

Join Robbie as he relives some of the greatest break-up songs ever recorded, every song celebrates the darker side of love. The lying, the cheating and of course the tears. Get out the tissue box as Robbie explores the raw

Guide to the Nineties on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint together with Matt Curley asks “How big were ‘The Divinyls’? Why were ‘Crowded House’, along with ‘You & Me’, such sensations? Who were ‘Ratcat’? What was the Sydney live scene like in The 90s? Remember RETROPOPIC RADIO is

Take The A Train To Midday Jazz

Who cares? They all laughed when I said I’ll take the A Train instead of truckin’ off to Buffalo. Maybe Buddy Rich, Stacey Kent, Benny Carter and Jackie Cooper would have done the same.​ But how did Duke Ellington fit

Al Jolson on There Goes That Song Again

One hundred years ago, Al Jolson was one of the most popular singers in the United States, and probably in the English speaking world.  For the eighteen years from 1912 to 1930, he had 85 hits, nearly all of them in the Top 10. 

The 80’s on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint interviews Steve Kilbey of The Church, Steve Balbi of Noiseworks and Mark Gable of The Choirboys along with Steve Creswell from Egg Records to get a clearer understanding of the 80’s Australian pop scene. Neil ask many question