Margie’s Letter on Midday Jazz

Rob says “Margie, why don’t you do it right? Your letter from home is better than anything I could dream up. Please just don’t show Stan Getz, Carmen McRae, Richard Harris or Maree Montgomery though.” What could Rob mean? You’ll

The Merseybeat Sound on Pop Rock!

Robbie will explore how the Mersey sound all started in Liverpool, England in the late 1950s and reached it’s zenith in the mid 60s. Did you know that the Mersey Beat was named after Liverpool’s famed river, Mersey? Many, many bands formed

Bix ‘N Bing on Midday Jazz

Neil Macbeth will highlight tracks recorded by a young Bing Crosby with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra which at that time included musicians such asBix Beiderbecke and Frank Trambauer plus a continuation of items from small groups led by clarinettist Jimmie

Karen Craigie on Country Roads

The Country Roads Program winds its’ way back into town this Sunday with Ronnieboy ridin’ high in the saddle, and  playing some great country, rockabilly and early rock n roll, from the Bucca Wauka Buccaroo Collection. When Country Roads goes on the Road,

Kristin Hersh on Retropopic

Exclusive interview with Kristin Hersh alongside music from The Throwing Muses, The Cocteau Twins, The Meat Puppets & of course her own solo work. How did she form a relationship first of all with 4AD? What affect did a car

Serenades on Midday Jazz

Rob Scott is saying “Whilst I’m just walkin’ my baby back home through this quiet village, I’m in dreamsville, man! Just look at that beautiful blue moon up there. Having Sonya Austin, Quincy Jones, Monica Mancini and Benny Goodman to

Blue Tongues on Real World Gardener

Why did English landscapes influence Australian gardens? It might be an obvious question but Stuart Read discovers some hidden gems in the Garden History segment. Which Broccoli could you be growing in the vegetable garden and is it too late