Midday Jazz With Rob Scott

“S’ Wonderful! Speak low and save your love for me, my dear. I’ll be gone but not forever.” Let Al Jerreau, Diana Krall, Col Nolan and Shirley Scott entertain you in the interim with Rob Scott at the helm guiding

Duran Duran on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint is talking about the early days Duran Duran  and will introduce the musical talent of their early vocalist Andy Wickett: Did you ever wonder how was ‘Girls on Film’ really written? Neil will tell you.  Alongside RETROPOPIC RADIO’S

Volcanoes on Real World Gardener

Did you know that there was a man made volcano in Melbourne? The man behind it’s construction was William Guilfoyle. But who was William Guilfoyle and why is he important to gardening in Australia? That’s coming up in the Garden

Sugartime on There Goes That Song Again

Tune in 2pm – 4pm  Because Brian is calling this week’s Special at 3pm “Interesting alternatives”.  You’ll hear songs that are familiar  by a particular artist, and  Brian contrasts them to a very different and usually unfamiliar version by another artist.