Frangipani Fever on Real World Gardener

Ever wanted a rare colour of Frangipani? Listen to how you can get one when I talk with Frangipani show coordinator Anthony Grassi. Plus, how to grow sprouts without them turning mouldy, New contributor Simone Jeffries who is a Naturopath

Gary Pucket Talks on Pop Rock

Do you remember Gary Pucket and the Union Gap? Robbie does. That band is etched in Rock ‘n’ Roll history boasting six consecutive Gold records in a career that started in 1968 and still remains very prominent to this day. They

Rob Scott on Midday Jazz

“My sweet satin doll, don’t be that way! Baby, it’s cold outside. Just wave to your parents as they drive off. I’m sure Skip Martin, Nancy Wilson, Tim Draxl and Shirley Scott would agree.” Have you worked out the puzzle

Bing on There Goes That Song Again.

Today Brian presents another program featuring Bing Crosby singing songs from some his radio shows. This week he sings songs that were popular in 1949. For those that love Bing Crosby smooth tones, this is not one to miss. READ MORE ABOUT

Neil Macbeth on Midday Jazz

Coleman Hawkins was a pioneer and pre-eminent player of the tenor saxophone. On Midday Jazz on, Neil will highlight his early pre-war career interspersed with tracks from the Boswell Sisters (often accompanied by the Dorsey Brothers). The remainder of the program will include sundry

Marty Wilson Piper on Retropopic Radio

Great music from The Small Faces, Deep Purple, The Paranoids, Tom Verlaine, All About Eve,  The Saints, Anekdoten and two songs from the forthcoming Noctorum album Afterlife which is due to released on February 15th 2019. In his exclusive interview

Paris is Tops on Midday Jazz

Rob Scott is leaving a trail of crumbs for your to follow. Here they are. “I love Paris, Maria, as much as you but nothing beats summer in Central Park – not even a rainy night in Georgia. Maybe Ruby