Film Review: La Belle Époque

What a marvellous and vibrant film! This was the first film I’ve seen at Sydney’s French Film Festival and what a way to start. The craftsmanship behind this whole film is amazing! Superb acting all round and an outstanding direction by all the entire crew behind this film.

One thing that is done extremely well is the pacing of the film. Everything is fast and in rhythm, all thanks to some excellent editing that reminds me of that done in Edgar Wright’s films. In particular, one technique that is done very well is the editing in conversations. Like in some of Wright’s films, characters will have conversations that move through time in a manner that only a film could. For instance, one conversation could be had over two days, or even over two weeks even though it progresses like a conversation that should only last a couple of minutes. It’s extremely clever, and works very well in this film.

The concept as well behind this film is really interesting. It discusses love and relationships in a way that I’ve never seen before. Plus it is highly original and creative.

If you’re keen to head back to the cinemas right now and are undecided of which film to see, this is without a doubt something you should check out. Score: 4.5/5

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