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Founder of the Skids on Retropopic Radio

The Skids

The Story Of The Skids – Part 2  Tune in at 9pm for Neil ‘s exclusive interview with vocalist and founding member Richard Jobson.

Starting with the smash hit UK single ‘Masquerade’ this show covers material from the albums ‘Days In Europa’, where you hear about the cover art controversy, ‘The Absolute Game’, where the band reaches a peak, and ‘Joy’ where troubled guitarist Stuart Adamson leaves the band. Whilst you can hear Richard’s opinion on Stuart Adamson and his ‘less than perfect’ songwriting relationship with Russell Webb, which lead to the band ceasing to exist for so long, this edition is overshadowed by the band’s triumphant 2018 return with the hit album ‘Burning Cities’.

Link to the recording for this show: https://www.mixcloud.com/FrenchSpurs1/retropopic-74-the-story-of-the-skids-from-masquerade-to-burning-cities-of-2018/


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