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Genesis on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint  talks with musician Steve Hackett about his experiences in Genesis leading up to the making of the album, as well as his musical contributions to the album. Neil asks “What did Steve seek to bring to Genesis? Which song creators were the inspirations for ‘Horizons’? Where were Genesis in the Charisma ‘pecking order’ around this time? How easy was it for Steve to bring songs to the table for the album? Why did Mike initially reject ‘I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)? What pointer did Peter give to Steve regarding the subject matter of the lyric? How well did Steve get along with Phil around this time? How was Phil different to Peter, Tony and Mike? In what way did Tony and Steve collaborate on ‘Firth of Fifth’? Who wrote the stamping feet music at the start of ‘The Battle Of Epping Forest’? Why was Mike’s 12 string part vetoed for ‘Cinema Show’? What are Steve’s overall thought on the album?”

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