Getting to know you – Marianne from Real World Gardener

Pictured: Sydney Spirit dragon boat racing team, Marianne is in the back row – second from the right.


Regular listeners might know all about keeping their basil crop alive from tuning into Real World Gardener each week, but did you know that presenter Marianne Cannon in an international sports competitor??

After six days of intense racing, the biggest world championship in dragon boat history ended on Sunday, 22 July 2018. 6200 paddlers from 140 clubs, travelled from 28 countries to compete in the 11th IDBF Dragon Boat Club Crew World Championships in Szeged, Hungary. During the first four days, the crews challenged each other in the 200- and 500-meter races, held at the Olympic Center of Szeged, only 170km from Budapest.

Marianne Cannon, of Real World Gardener, was in the smallest team of only 12. Her team “Sydney Spirit” raced in the small boat open category in the 200-m and 500-m which meant 10 paddlers, a sweep and a drummer, but no reserve. Larger boats hold 20 paddlers but are similar in size and weight to the smaller boats. Months of hard training both on the water and on land paid off with the result being two gold medals.