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Girlatones – ‘Fitting in Well’

This week’s feature album comes from Melbourne band Girlatones with “Fitting in Well”– their musical debut.
The album showcases their unique brand of garage-pop that perfectly marries the lyrical humor and sincerity of their upbeat and inclusive world.

The album over-arching themes include personal development and finding oneself through creativity. The album was recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder in a very DIY fashion; band mates homes, bungalows and various non-studio spaces in Melbourne. The arrangements are simple, yet evocative, allowing the songs to ‘speak’ Many Easter-eggs including mistakes and odd moments can be heard, following the albums intention of honesty and sincerity. The result is a piece of work that is rich in character.

To support “Fitting in Well” the band has release a music video for “Misunderstood” and is embarking on a national tour. Catch them in Sydney at the Golden Age Cinema on the 16th December!

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Highlight Tracks: Misunderstood, You’re My Friend, Put Me Back Together.
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