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Graeme Brown, Author on Pop Rock

Join Robbie as he chats to Australian author Graeme Brown about his latest book Sunshine Secrets. Graeme Brown has documented the story of Ivan Dayman the remarkable entrepreneur and promoter who dominated the rock ’n’ roll scene across Australia during the 1960s and 1970s. Ivan Dayman established dozens of ballrooms and discos whilst managing scores of pop bands and pop singers including their appearances at his venues and on continual national tours and tent shows. Along the way he established one of Australia’s first independent pop record label Sunshine Records enjoying huge success with artists such as Normie Rowe (pictured), The Atlantics, Tony Worsley, Toni McCann, The Purple Hearts, The Fabulous Blue Jays and many others.
Tune in to hear this fascinating and until now untold story of Australia’s early pop music evolution.

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