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Grammy award winner Elijah Wald on “Tales from the High Stool” this Tuesday evening from 9pm

Elijah performed at Sydney’s inaugural folk festival in 2019.  He has been a musician since age seven and a writer since the early 1980s.

Elijah has published more than a thousand articles, mostly about folk, roots and international music for various magazines and newspapers, including over ten years as the “world music” writer for the Boston Globe. He has written numerous books mostly about music, from diverse topics including volumes on such disparate subjects as Delta blues (Escaping the Delta), Mexican drug ballads (Narcocorrido), hitchhiking (Riding with Strangers), and broad social history of American popular music (How the Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll).

Elijah co-authored The Mayor of MacDougal Street, with Dave Van Ronk, which was the inspiration for the Coen Brothers’ movie Inside Llewyn Davis.

He has also been a wanderer and has toured and busked as a guitarist and singer.

Like many a wandering minstrel, he spent most of the late 1970s and the ’80s wandering around Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central America.

Elijah fronted a blues band in Seville, a swing duo in Antwerp, and a rock band at the Grand Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

During this period he also played alto sax in sailor bars, sometimes while standing on tables in cowboy boots.

He has toured the USA coast to coast numerous times. As a musician, his mentor on guitar and lots of other things was the aforementioned Dave Van Ronk

He has also spent time studying with the Congolese master Jean-Bosco Mwenda.

He sometimes teaches university courses on blues and music history and travels as a musician and speaker on various subjects that he is considered an expert in.

In addition to his many other awards for work within the music industry, he also won a Grammy in 2002 for the liner notes to the Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Box.

The featured artists are Dave Van Ronk, Belle Stewart, Pete Seeger, Woody Gutherie, Joe Ely, Jean-Bosco Mwenda, Tigres del Nortes, the Shirelles, and Joseph Spence!

Also included is a lovely anecdote about Ireland’s poet laurate Sheamus Heaney.

Tune into “Tales from the Highstool at 9 pm this Tuesday on http://2rrr.org.au/ 88.5FM