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Grunge and Australia’s Big Day Out Festival on Retropopic Radio

Neil Saint & Grunge fan Deryn Knott go through the history of the Australian Festival ‘The Big Day Out’ which, with pauses, ran from 1992 to 2014. How much of an attraction were Nirvana at the first ‘Big Day Out’? Away from their music what made the set of Metallica in 2004 so memorable? What was the atmosphere like in the festival’s early days ‘mosh pit’? What tragedy brought about a change of atmosphere and the commercialisation of the festival? Why is there no longer a Big Day Out in Sydney? Alongside the discussion on Grunge and the festival listen to great music from Nirvana, Mudhoney, Neil Young, Silverchair, Metallica, The Cult, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam & Deftones.


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