The Hollands! – ‘The Last Dance’

Our feature album this week is from Sydney group The Hollands! with their latest album ‘The Last Dance’.

The Hollands! are a local folk group from Sydney. Over the past few years they have travelled around the world, performing their music in the ever-growing Americana/Folk revival scene.

In 2018, the group set about some time to record their fourth studio album ‘The Last Dance’. Recorded over a 7 day period in the Blue Mountains with recording engineer Chris Gillespie, ‘The Last Dance’ marks The Hollands! most diverse and comprehensive album so far.

Many songs have been inspired by Welsh and Celtic folk tales, depicting stories of lost love, life, death, family and a longing sense of home. The record also features guest performances from Cameron Henderson (Middle Kids), Jeffrey Niemeier (Faux Grass) and many other all-star players.

Featured Tracks: Long Love, All Through the Night, Good Lord Bird, Down to the River and The Blessing.

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