Hypervyne – ‘Simulation’

Our feature album this week is from solo artist Hugh Lloyd with his expertly crafted, breathtaking first record ‘Simulation’.

Working under the project name Hypervyne, Hugh crafts magical masterpieces of psychedelic inspired rock. Influenced by Radiohead, Tame Impala, Total Control and Pond, Hugh’s music takes the very best of rock and merges it into his own wondrous musical creations. His debut-record ‘Simulation’ is no exception.

It is crazy to think that Hugh is able to give life to such jaw-dropping songs all in the space of his Silverdale home studio. You listen to any one of his epic creations and it would fool you into believing that this record was made by an award-winning Grammy producer. Every track feels so alive, purposeful and special.

On top of all this, ‘Simulation’ sounds like such an Aussie record. Opening with sweet sounds of nature and closing with calming sounds of crashing waves; the album welcomes you into the magical world of the ocean. It only takes one glance of the cover artwork, or of Hugh’s colourful Instagram Feed, for you to see just how deep and personal his connection is with the ocean.

Overall, after listening to this record from start to finish I can’t help but feel that ‘Simulation’ is one of the best and most unexpected surprises of the year. There is so much I love about this album, and so many words I could use to describe just how amazing it is; but at the end of the day to experience it yourself you must put your headphones on, and give it a listen.

Featured Tracks: Derealisation, Optimism, The Cave, The Message, Decisions and Adapt to Survive.

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