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Jimmy Jones on There Goes That Song Again

In the first hour this week, you will hear Jimmy Jones singing his two biggest hits from 1960; three more of the hits we missed in Australia in 1955 when RCA Victor had no representation here; we’ll remember English singer Joan Regan and sound engineer Ray Dolby; and we’ll hear a 15 minute radio show featuring Peggy Lee with Les Brown and his Band of Renown.

And in our second hour, Brian asks ” remember the radio career of long time Hunters Hill resident, Geoff Marshall, who died recently at the age of 88. Geoff was music presenter and general announcer on 2UE for some 30 years from around 1957 to 1986. In many of those years, 2UE was Sydney’s top rating station. Geoff had a warm mellow voice and all who knew him said he was a true gentleman. At 2UE, he worked along side some of the greats in radio, including Gary O’Callaghan, Tony Withers, Bob Rogers and John Laws, often presenting the latter’s programs when he was away. But Geoff was content not to seek the lime-light himself. “

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