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Johnnie Ray on There Goes That Song Again

Brian says that “it was hard to miss the news that the city of Parkes was again holding
celebrations on the weekend for the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s
birthday, which was last Wednesday, 8th January.     But another artist
whose anniversary was last Friday, 10th January, and who, arguably, was
just as popular and flamboyant as Elvis when he first became popular 5
years before Elvis, has been almost forgotten.   He was Johnnie Ray.
In fact, Johnnie’s role in the history of popular music has been
regarded by some as very significant, in that he was the link between
rock and roll and the more sedate style that preceded it.
So in today’s Special, Brian will remember Johnnie.  Rather that play
Johnnie’s hits, Brian will play a selection of Johnnie’s recordings that
are lesser known.

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