Julien Joel Clement – ‘Failure & Masterpiece’

Our feature album this week is from Katoomba musician Julien Joel Clement with his first album ‘Failure & Masterpiece’.

French-born Australian resident singer-songwriter Julien Joel Clement has come a long way since he pursued a solo career away from the Gypsy Pop outfit Belle Jar. Launched through a crowdfunding campaign that begun all the way back in 2016, it has taken over three and a half years for Julien to craft his first solo record. Despite the long wait, the album lives up to its high expectations.

Joined by sax and drumming legend Neill Duncan, the album boasts an excellent array of musical performances. Julien ultimately stands out as the leading performer on the record. His artistic vision and direction are scattered amongst each song on the album. It is clear he has put a substantial amount of effort writing and composing each of the 11-tracks that make-up this ambitious record.

Featured Tracks: Snow Tracks, Do The Maths, Stripping All Patterns Down and Where The Night Might Lead You.

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