Kbit – ‘Polygon’

Our feature album this week is from dreamy electro-artist Kbit with his new album ‘Polygon’.

Kbit (aka. Kosta Andreadis) is an electronic musician from Melbourne who creates magical psychedelic jams all from the space of his bedroom. Utilising wide musical keys and bright synth lines, Kosta’s music is breathing with life. It takes particular influence from 80’s disco-culture, and more so, the music culture that followed in the form of ‘vapewave’ and ‘synthwave’ music.

Listening to ‘Polygon’ I was reminded of songs like  S U N D A Y  S C H O O L  and C R I S I S from the ‘Simpsonwave’ music collection on YouTube. It also reminded me of other psych / dreamy artists from the likes of Tame Impala, Teen Daze, Beat Connection and Digitalism.

The album itself is super smooth and colourful. It is constantly finding new ways to surprise the listener and further immerse them into its dreamy world.

Featured Tracks: 1995, Dream House, Falling Into, Memory 17 and Night City Sleeps. 

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