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LANKS – ‘twentyseven’

Our feature album this week is from Melbourne artist LANKS with his debut-album ‘twentyseven’.

LANKS is the monkier of Australian songwriter and producer Will Cuming. Over the course of four years, Will has released a series of EP’s including ‘Thousand Piece Puzzle’ (2014), ‘Banquet’ (2015) and ‘Viet Rose’ (2016). Furthermore, he has featured on projects from the likes of Just A Gent, Kilter, Ngaiire, Woodes, Motez and Set Mo. Additionally, he has supported acts like Glass Animals, RUFUS and RY X on their Australian tours!

During the past few years Will has been hard at work writing his first full-length release ‘twentyseven’. It was first teased in 2017 with the release of the single Comfortable. 

The album marks a key period in Will’s life; him reaching the age of 27. It signifies to him an age where many of his heroes passed away. Heroes who although young, achieved a long lasting legacy. Thus, through the album, Will seeks to confront his fears of failure, to challenge his ideas of success and to question what kind of person he aspires to be as he comes closer to 27.

This drive and determination plays out in a well-thought and carefully written 14-track LP. ‘twentyseven’ flows between moments of beauty, sadness and adventure, ranging from easy-listening upbeat tunes like twentyseven to experimental trance-like electronic soundscapes in Reticent.

There is a lot to like about ‘twentyseven’. It is empowering, inspiring and very personal; showcasing the extremely talented ability of LANKS as one of Australia’s leading electronic producers.

Featured Tracks: twentyseven, My Own Mystery (feat. Ngaiire), Circles, Holla and Reticent.


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