Milkpunch – ‘Moonshine’

Our feature album this week is from Sydney indie-rock group Milkpunch as they release their debut-record ‘Moonshine’.

Right in time for the summer season ‘Moonshine’ is 2018’s true Aussie beach anthem. Featuring spacey-vocals, thick basslines, colourful synth melodies and a wide selection of engaging instrumentation, ‘Moonshine’ never feels flat or stale. It’s often a dreamy-ride, reminiscent of those late nights you spend looking into the stars hanging with your mates.

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Raf Lima, ‘Moonshine’ acts as a clear representation of his skill as a young artist. He delivers a feeling many records struggle to ever achieve; a sense of place. Songs like Afternoon in Arpoador and the end track Stars (La Nuit) are filled with the ambience of crushing waves, birds chirping, news reports and cicada’s singing. Although minor, these subtleties in the record make a huge impact in creating a cohesive and vibrant musical experience.

Assisting Raf on the album include Liam Keenan, Jo Fahri, Helena Massey and Jenna Lewis. Together, they elevate ‘Moonshine’ and make it such a wild and fascinating debut-record.

Featured Tracks: Tinkerbell Freakness, Passionade, So Cold Far from Your Arms and Complete Unknown.

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