Mission Statement

Who do we think we are?

2RRR is a not-for-profit community radio station committed to the provision of a broadcasting facility that aims to allow and encourage the widest possible community usage through broadcast participation. This means that our number one priority is fulfilling the needs of the community that we are licensed to serve. We do this by giving a voice to the people who through mainstream media have no voice.

Through our programming and our community activities we seek to inform, entertain and unite communities across Sydney. Whilst we focus on the geographic communities of the Ryde and Hunters Hill Council catchment areas, we recognise that the issues that affect these areas have a relevance to people across Sydney.

2RRR recognises and encourages diversity in all its forms, through our programming, our membership and access to the facilities of the station. We allow programmers control over their own editorial content and don’t inflict any station editorial policy, as long as that content complies with the principles of the Community Broadcasting Code of Conduct. This code compels member stations to “not broadcast material which may stereotype, incite, vilify, or perpetuate hatred against, or attempt to demean any person or group on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, age or physical or mental disability.”

2RRR’s main goals are to:

  • Set up and operate a broadcasting facility, which we do from Henley Cottage in downtown Gladesville;
  • Provide a community information and cultural exchange facility;
  • Provide facilities for use by people to further their own cultural activities;
  • Spread radio program production and radio operating skills widely in the community through workshop sessions and training programs;
  • Promote cultural and artistic activity in the district by initiating concerts, lectures, seminars and other activities; and
  • Allow and encourage the widest possible community use of our broadcasting facilities.


Who are you, and why are you here?

This is the key question! We have done many surveys to try and work out who are the listeners of 2RRR and have never found an answer to that question. Why? Simply because of the diversity of the programming on 2RRR, we have a variety of listeners who become passively or actively involved in listening to a range of different content on the station.

2RRR listeners don’t fit into the traditional marketing definition of a target market. They are geographically spread; they have a variety of cultural and economic backgrounds. What unites them is that they are searching for a voice that they cannot hear anywhere else. Playlisted formats and pre-conceived ideas of voice and style may not interest them.

The reasons that people listen to 2RRR are as diverse as their own interests and backgrounds. They may want to become announcers themselves or they may simply want to listen. Some content on 2RRR will make them think, be critical of what they have come to accept is true. Some content will challenge and dare them to try something different. Other content will let them share voices from home, whilst more will simply entertain them in a way commercial radio never will. Listening to 2RRR is never just hearing a voice on the radio.


Why Can’t I Listen to 2RRR 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Well, you can if you want although you may have to speak over twelve different languages! To be able to give a voice to hundreds of different communities means that the “traditional” format of radio does not apply to 2RRR – which makes us a very unique and special station. We see our diversity as our greatest strength.

By harnessing our diversities, we have been able to give our listeners programs that encompass a wide variety of musical genres from punk to jazz, from country to indie, from goth to pop to dance to dub. Our spoken word programs challenge and inform through comedy, multi-cultural and arts programming, political and intellectural debate and technology and recreational infotainment, with topics such as information, hobby enthusiasts, specialist topics and more!

We hope that our listeners will be able to broaden their perspectives by using 2RRR as their audio lending library, taste-testing a whole range of ideas, issues and music they may never have through to expose themselves. We want to challenge our listeners to hear more and think more. The best thing about 2RRR is that you will never hear two of the same thing, or listen to only one opinion. We are flexible and ever-evolving in the face of adversity.


Ok, now I love you, but how do I contact you?

Easy! Visit our contact page and start giving us feedback!

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