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Monterey Jazz Festival Day 2 on Retropopic Radio

Alongside some great music including 6 live recordings from the festival, Neil Saint talks with Monterey Pop author Joel Selvin continuing the story of Monterey Pop as, in this edition, the festival reaches it’s first and second day climaxes.

Neil asks “Which little known British female folk singer crept on to the bill of the first day courtesy of Paul Simon? What fuelled Eric Burdon’s change of direction? With Simon & Garfunkel closing the first evening of the festival what was the vibe of the audience like? What was the thinking behind the Scott MacKenzie anthem written by John Phillips? How much did drugs play a part in the festival? Which band opened day 2 of the festival?
Why did many bands not allow themselves to be filmed? How was a Janis Joplin tantrum instrumental on her becoming a star? What was behind David Crosby’s peculiar behaviour at the festival? Why was Lauro Nyro’s performance such a car crash for her? What made Jefferson Airplane such a big deal in 67? How did Grace Slick and Janis Joplin get along? How well known was Otis Redding before Monterey?”

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