Paul Kelly – ‘Nature’

Aussie legend Paul Kelly returns yet again following last year’s ‘Life is Fine’ with his latest rock treat ‘Nature’. For those unfamiliar, Paul Kelly is a singer / songwriter from Adelaide. Over the past forty years Paul has been highly

The Hollands! – ‘The Last Dance’

Our feature album this week is from Sydney group The Hollands! with their latest album ‘The Last Dance’. The Hollands! are a local folk group from Sydney. Over the past few years they have travelled around the world, performing their

Tigermoth – ‘Gung Fu’

Our feature album this week is from Brisbane artist Tigermoth with his latest album ‘Gung Fu’. Influenced by US and Japanese hip-hop, Tim creates highly engaging musical soundscapes backed by rich layers of orchestral beats. Each of his songs takes

Ryland Rose – ‘DORK’

Our feature album this week is from Melbourne rapper Ryland Rose with his new album ‘DORK’. Ryland is a hip-hop artist from Melbourne who over the past two years has grown substantially as Aussie musician. It all started back in

Sam Evans – ‘The Tabla Project’

Our feature album this week is from Sam Evans with his new album ‘The Tabla Project’. Sam is an Australian musician from Melbourne that teaches at numerous educational institutions around the country. He has a deep fascination with Indian culture,

Neil & Liam Finn – ‘Lightsleeper’

Our feature album this week is from father and son Neil and Liam Finn with their latest album ‘Lightsleeper’ Former Crowded House front-man Neil Finn has been quite active over the past few years since the group split apart in

sage – ‘burnt butter’

Our feature album this week is from Adelaide artist sage with his latest record ‘burnt butter’ If you’ve been active on YouTube lately you’re probably aware that the internet is in love with ‘chill-hop’. For those unfamiliar with the term,