Paisley – ‘Tokyo Real Estate, Vol. 1’

Our feature album this week is from Sydney producer Paisley with their latest album ‘Tokyo Real Estate, Vol. 1’.

Since 2014, Sydney producer Paisley has been releasing a series of ‘beat-tapes’ on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Songs like Yozakura / Mellow Mood / One Two and Wifi Emoji have reached up to 70K plays on streaming services, and have been very well-received by users online.

‘Tokyo Real Estate, Vol. 1’ marks the seventh ‘beat-tape’ released by Paisley. The record is full of gentle melodic pianos, sampled vocal chops, groovy bass-lines, and exceptional beat play. It is also, more than anything, very nostalgic. Taking many influences from classic hip-hop, 80’s funk, and old-time jazz, the album feels like an ode to the past; a time where things were slow, peaceful and simple.

Featured Tracks: Elevator Song, Redfern Park, Respect, Birds in My Room, 2ldk, Hyde Park 2pm, and Umbrella.

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