Paul Kelly – ‘Nature’

Aussie legend Paul Kelly returns yet again following last year’s ‘Life is Fine’ with his latest rock treat ‘Nature’.

For those unfamiliar, Paul Kelly is a singer / songwriter from Adelaide. Over the past forty years Paul has been highly influential in the Australian music scene. Not only has he been great at promoting younger acts like Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray, he has also managed to stay relevant for over four decades. Releasing iconic Aussie-anthems such as From Little Things Big Things Grow, Dumb Things and How To Make Gravy; Paul returns in 2018 with his masterful album ‘Nature’.

‘Nature’ defines everything Paul Kelly is respected for as an artist. Coming right off his 2017 record ‘Life is Fine’, the album speaks as both a reminder of the past Aussie rock period of the 1970’s and 80’s and the blooming new rock era of the 2000’s and 10’s. Songs like With The One I Love and A Bastard Like Me are instant rock classics. They share many resemblances to Paul’s older works like Before Too Long and To Her Door. On the other hand, songs in the later half of the album like Bound To Follow (Aisling Song) and Morning Storm showcase the more experimental side to Paul and his music. Taking a much lighter and stripped back approach to instrumentation, these songs demonstrate Paul’s admirable ability to continually grow as a music artist.

If ‘Nature’ proves anything in its 32 minute run-time, it is that Paul Kelly is without question, one of Australia’s true musical gems. If you are a fan of Paul Kelly, or Aussie rock music in general, I would highly recommend you check ‘Nature’ out.

Featured Tracks: With The One I Love, A Bastard Like Me, Bound To Follow (Aisling Song) [feat. Kate Miller-Heidke], Morning Storm, and The River Song.

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