Peter Nic – ‘Late Night Transmitter’

Our feature album this week is from Adelaide R&B artist Peter Nic with his latest record ‘Late Night Transmitter’

Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Jamie Cullum, J Dilla and Robert Glasper, Peter’s music is driven by a wide range of pop and R&B musical influences. This becomes very apparent in his fourth album outing ‘Late Night Transmitter’ which is filled with clean production and excellent vocal performances.

Listening to each of the 16-tracks that make up this record, it is clear that Peter is constantly trying to finding new ways to engage the listener with each new song. Tracks like Ain’t It Crazy and The Room Starts to Move are powered by warm guitar grooves and punchy drum beats. Alternatively, songs like Not Yet and Twinkle are driven by more down-tempo beats and gentle pad progressions.

If you’re a fan of 2000’s R&B, or R&B in general I’d highly recommend you check this out.

Featured Tracks: Ain’t It Crazy, The Room Starts to Move, Not Yet, Twinkle, and Ride with Me.

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