The Presets – ‘Hi Viz’

Our feature album this week is from Aussie duo The Presets with their fourth daring electro-punk studio album ‘Hi Viz’

Julian Hamilton and Kimberly Moyes met in the early 90’s as students of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music. Funnily enough, they were both there to study classical music (I know, who would have picked that?). Although, deep down inside they both had their hearts elsewhere; 80’s pop.

So they joined the band ‘Prop’ together, to which they smashed out two highly acclaimed records with. Although by, the time 2003 hit, the two decided they wanted remix a song by the name Magnetic Highway, but this time with “harder electronic edges”. So what did they do? They formed under a new name, ‘The Presets’.

Over a decade later, the duo are as active and alive as ever. If there were any words to describe their fourth album ‘Hi Viz’, it would be ‘free’. The album is full of upbeat, exciting and daring dance music that is absolute ear-candy. The description for the album itself is even crazy, it reads “an acid soaked circle of rave nuggets, cyber croons and pub techno…” (this was even after a certain few words edited out of it).

The album is also jam-packed full of interesting collaborations. Alison Wonderland, the DMA’S, Touch Sensitive, DZ Deathrays and more make their own unique appearances on the record. And if that’s not enough to get you excited… well I’m not sure what else will to be honest.

Featured Tracks: Do What You Want, Downtown Shutdown, Feel Alone, Are You Here? (feat. DMA’S) and 14U+14ME.

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