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Real World Gardener continues its series, Waraburra Nura

With permission from the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research, last week on Real World Gardener a new series of 9 segments began that feature agriculturist and researcher Uncle Bruce Pascoe in conversation with D’harawal Senior and botanist Aunty Fran Bodkin. They meet for the first time at Waraburra Nura native garden to exchange ideas on different environmental issues and share their wealth of Indigenous Knowledge.

Last week, we ran into Aunty Fran looking in on the growth of the plants at Waraburra Nura. Today, Aunty Fran gives us an overview of all the different trees she’s planted throughout schools in Sydney. Uncle Bruce Pascoe talks about different methods of harvest for Aboriginal communities exploring how to commercialise their own produce. Uncle Bruce also tells us a little bit about what he’s doing to preserve Aboriginal grasses.

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Click here to also listen to host Mariannc speak with Alice McAuliffe, who is a creative producer of Wurraburra Nura Garden.


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