RRRevival: 2RRR Community Radio Benefit Gig

2RRR’s amazing Natalie Smith, who presents the excellent Timeslides each Saturday from 5:00pm – 6:00pm, has done the station a gigantic favour by organising the RRRevival 2RRR Benefit Gig which will be held at The Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville on Sunday the 20th of June from 5:00pm  – 9:30pm.

Fans of pop, rock, disco, acoustic, and blues this is definitely an event you’ll want to add to your calendar!

Featured on the line-up are the ultra-talented Glen & Glenda, Neon Vinyls, 30 Frames, Major Tom, Driving South, and Substance.

Doors open to everyone at 5:00pm and the first band kicks off at 5.30pm.

Tickets & Merchandise:

Tickets are now on sale and include a pizza!

Buy your tickets here:\

Also you can buy some cool merch for the event here: 

Bring your mates and family along to what is guaranteed to be an excellent night!

Event Information:

Band running order:

5.30-5.50 – Glen & Glenda (acoustic duo)
6.00-6.20 – Neon Vinyls (electronic duo)
6.30-7.00 – 30 Frames A Second (full band)
7.10-7.40 – Major Tom (full band)
7.50-8.20 – Driving South (full band)
8.30-9:15 – Substance (full band)

Catch you at The Lazybones Lounge on the 20th of June!