The Skids Are Coming on Retropopic Radio

The Story of The Skids – Part 1 
On Friday 4th May and Friday 11th May RETROPOPIC RADIO broadcasts the full story of influential Scottish ‘Post Punk’ band The Skids, through the eyes of an exclusive interview with vocalist and founder member Richard Jobson. This program focuses on the early days of Richard Jobson as well as the early days of The Skids. What was his read more about working class family upbringing like in a large and male dominated family unit? Why did he join an Edinburgh street gang? How did he get to be in The Skids when he had absolutely no musical credentials? The musical focus in this first part is on first album ‘Scared To Dance’ where you can learn how songs ‘Into The Valley’ & ‘The Saints Are Coming’ were created. Tune in at 9 pm for all the dirt on the skids.