Sam Evans – ‘The Tabla Project’

Our feature album this week is from Sam Evans with his new album ‘The Tabla Project’.

Sam is an Australian musician from Melbourne that teaches at numerous educational institutions around the country. He has a deep fascination with Indian culture, and has led a long and successful career performing traditional Indian and contemporary world music. Sam’s projects all have a distinct and vibrant sound. His songs take the listener on a unique journey through an expansive and diverse world of music arts and culture.

In his latest album outing, Sam showcases his skill and expertise as a professional tabla player. The album explores the wide reaching possibilities of the tabla outside traditional Indian musical frameworks.

His solo performances are ambitious and executed with acute precision. Sam’s tabla performances, combined with excellent features from the likes of Luke Howard, Anne Norman and Stephen Magnusson, make the album an excellent musical project.

Featured Tracks: Tremor, Five Trains, Ladu and While You Were Sleeping.

Support Sam: Website / Spotify / Bandcamp


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