Guitar Factory Gladesville originally started in the early sixties as a guitar repair business known as DeKroo Bros Music. It was one of the few guitar repair shops in Sydney and did work for major retailers such as Nicholsons, Palings and Landis Music as well as wholesalers such as Yamaha Australia and CBS who were the Fender distributors at the time. Up to a dozen Fenders would go through the workshop each week as resprays for CBS.

The business changed hands in the early seventies and the name was changed to Guitar Factory. There are many name dropping anecdotes to be had, notably Vanda and Young dumping loads of assorted guitars in varying states of disrepair and a (young) Malcolm Young having his now famous Gretsch passing periodically across the workbench. The retailing side of the business expanded over the years but Guitar Factory Gladesville has continued to maintain a renowned in-house repair service.

For over 40 years the store has been under the same family management and has always focussed on the niche instrument market. Their goal is to provide a down-to-earth, pressure free environment and they are passionate about gear and the customers they sell to. They can fix just about anything you can break and pay attention to the finer details with first-hand knowledge and experience. They love to play and sell the finest guitars, effects and classicals and are Sydney’s only specialist store for banjos, mandolins and bluegrass and folk instruments.

For more information check out their website here, or give them a call on 02 9817 2173, OR drop by and check out the jam-packed store first-hand.