Station Tech Blitz with CMTO and Technorama

The 2RRR Tech Blitz was conducted on 12 and 13 January 2019. The Blitz was a CMTO (Community Media Training Organisation) and Technorama project, funded by the CBF (Community Broadcasting Foundation) and 2RRR was used as the model for this pilot project.

The project’s aim is to train tech, and non-tech, volunteers and staff in basic maintenance and repair of broadcast studio equipment. Trainees work with members of their own station, and neighbouring stations, building a network of competent people achieving the improvement of station equipment together.

As part of the Tech Blitz John Maizels, President of Technorama, built a small studio so 2RRR stayed on-air during the studio overhaul. John was the recent winner of the prestigious Michael Law Award, the CBAA’s (Community Broadcasting Association of Australia) national award which “recognises an individual for their sustained and outstanding contribution to community broadcasting”-CBAA.

Other attendees at the Blitz included Felipe Vilches (Koori Radio), Chard Currie (Radio Skid Row), Gemma Lipman ( 2RRR tech volunteer, panel trainer and Breaking Bands presenter), Keith Rider ( 2RRR’s Broadcast Technology Director), Bruce Mott ( 2RRR tech volunteer) and Frederica Mantel (2RRR Station Manager).

2RRR thanks the CBF, CMTO, Technorama, Rowena McGeoch (CBAA), Tech Blitz participants and, most of all, John Maizels for enthusiastically leading our workshop and initiating this innovative project which benefits 2RRR now and in the long-term.

You can read more about the Station Blitz on Technorama’s website which includes a link to Steve Ahern’s recent article in radioinfo.

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