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The Stones: Beggars Banquet on Retropopic Radio

The Saint of RETROPOPIC RADIO and writer Nick Tesco focus on Beggar’s Banquet. Hear the songs and listen to what they have to say!
Sympathy For The Devil – ‘A Stunning Piece Of Work’, Nick Tesco
No Expectations – ‘A track dominated by Jagger and Brian Jones’ magnificent slide guitar’, The Saint
Dear Doctor – ‘There to add light to the shade’, The Saint
Parachute Woman – ‘Parachute Woman, land on me tonight’, Mick Jagger
Jigsaw Puzzle – ‘The vamp of it is just brilliant,’ Nick Tesco
Street Fighting Man – ‘The Stones did some wonderful things in the recording of this track,’ Nick Tesco
Prodigal Son – ‘An excellent Stones cover’, The Saint
Stray Cat Blues – ‘Bet your mama don’t know you can scream like that’, Mick Jagger
Factory Girl – ‘Listen to the lyrics, it’s a beautiful love song’, Nick Tesco
Salt Of The Earth – ‘Say a prayer to the simple foot soldier’, The Stones
Beggars Banquet, when The Stones really got their Mojo working!’

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