Terry – ‘I’m Terry’

Our feature album this week is from Melbourne art-punk quartet Terry, with their third record ‘I’m Terry’ (just in case you didn’t get it the first time).

Consisting of members Amy Hill, Xanthe Waite, Zephyr Pavey, and Al Montfort, the Terry team have taken over three years to master this third album extravaganza! Furthermore, what makes this album even more exciting is that at 2RRR we will be featuring it nearly two months before its release!

If you’ve never heard of Terry before, the band sounds like a mix between Courtney Barnett and San Cisco. The songwriting follows a similar style to that of Miss Barnett. Songs are like little conversations you’d have with your mates out on their backyard porch, or maybe down at the local R.S.L. Club. They never really require your full attention, but they do have meaning behind them. For instance, the song Fortress reads exactly like a conversation I’d have with my mates: “in my Merc with the P’s on… in my Audi with the P’s on.”

Arguably what stands out most in each tune is the chill nature of the band. There is something so warming and home like listening to each song. You could imagine them being just a group of mates rocking out in their dad’s back garage where he keeps that mid-life crisis he has never gotten the heart to get rid of. Why, because it actually feels like they are having fun playing each song. This works really well as it makes for such an engaging record, that is just so damn Aussie and cool.

Featured Tracks: Bureau, The Whip, Under Reign, Fortress, and Ciao Goodbye.

Pre-order the album here: http://upsettherhythm.bigcartel.com/