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‘They’re gonna wreck the business,’ on Pop Rock

POP ROCK! 6pm – 7pm
Did you know that in the 1960’s and 70’s some bands didn’t play a note but just pretended to? The guys that really knew how to play were called the wrecking crew.

Robbie presents Part One of ” The Wrecking Crew” who were a loose collective of session musicians based in Los Angeles and behind many studio recordings in the 1960s and early 1970s, including several hundred Top 40 hits. The musicians were viewed prestigiously among industry insiders but they were not publicly recognised in their era. They are now considered one of the most successful and prolific session recording units in music history. Tune into POP ROCK! to hear Robbie tell the story of musicians such as Hal Blaine, Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco, Glen Campbell and Leon Russell and their involvement in the hits of The Beach Boys, Sonny & Cher, Jan & Dean, Frank Sinatra, Tijuana Brass, Elvis Presley and many, many others.

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