The Venus Project – ‘Vol.1’

Our feature album this week is from New Zealand artist Georgia Nott in her recent release The Venus Project ‘Vol. 1’.

Georgia Nott would be known to most people for her work as one half of the duo Broods; a project she has run with her brother Caleb since 2013. However, in 2018 began working on a new project under the name The Venus Project.

As the name suggests, The Venus Project is a group effort.

“I wanted to celebrate women that are making it happen for themselves in hopes that it would show that there is a place here in the industry for any woman or girl aspiring to be a part of it.” Nott said in an interview with Billboard Magazine.

From all levels of its writing, production, marketing and distribution The Venus Project has been female run. In addition, the album’s March 8 release date was also the same day as ‘International Women’s Day.’

Music wise, the album follows a very stripped back style, centred around pad textures, ambient sounds, highly reverbed noises and Nott’s soothing vocals. This allows the lyrical content and subject matter of each song to stand out.

Nott reinforces this through the two tracks Go Easy / Hey Love (Pt.1)  and Hey Love (Pt. 2) which include moving voicemail recordings detailing female struggle and hardship. This is clearly the main focus of the entire album, and more broadly, The Venus Project itself; giving women in the industry a voice.

Featured Tracks from ‘Vol. 1’: Go Easy / Hey Love (Pt. 1), Numb and Won’t Hurt

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