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2RRR last week gained some publicity and listeners in the United States! A relatively new band in the “smooth jazz” genre, called 510Jazz and based in the San Francisco Bay area, have recently issued their second CD, called “January 16”. 2RRR jazz and easy listener presenters have, or plan to, schedule tracks.

For Brian Crabbe, the 510Jazz CD tied in perfectly with a segment he aired last week on Brazilian musician, Sergio Mendes, first popular in the 1960s, who is currently on a concert tour here in Australia.   510Jazz give credit to Sergio Mendes, as well as to others like Quincy Jones, for their inspiration and arrangements.

The group were founded by John and David Vargas.   John is also a vocalist and David a rapper, providing an intriguing additional element to their recordings.  They are supported by other vocalists and a solid rhythm section of Bay Area musicians, on flute, tenor sax, trumpet, flugelhorn, viola, violin, cello, guitar and vibes.    All 16 songs were variously composed by John and David and provide a variety of styles: “upbeat love duets”, “contemporary jazz numbers infused with rap”, “rich sambas featuring dynamic vocal harmonies and rap” and “a romantic ballad with lush strings and sultry sax”.



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